Business Gas & Electricity



We work hard to source the best business energy prices and we’re confident of helping you reduce your company energy bills.

We are business energy specialists with a passion for helping all businesses to get the best tariffs available.

We diligently monitor market prices and use our extensive experience and industry knowledge to stay ahead of the game and secure the best possible prices.


Unbiased price review


We track and compare business energy prices from an extensive panel of leading UK electricity and gas suppliers. Our price review system is designed to provide a comprehensive, no jargon, impartial business energy price comparison and bring you the best energy prices, through working independently of the gas and electricity suppliers.

Switching to a cheaper energy provider through eSwitch ensures the prices are lower, not the quality of service you receive. We have many happy and loyal customers who’ve made the switch and saved as much as 60% on their business energy bills.


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